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The application is designed to work with excel spreadsheets with site TIPSTERAREA.COM

After recent (2020) site update a lot of excel spreadsheets built on solutions taken from the italian PronostiGoal forum have stopped working.
This application switches the form of the tipsterarea site to the old view and saves this display of the site in the Excel cache.
If your favorite tables that previously worked stably with the data of the tipsterarea site suddenly stopped working, we recommend that you use this application to restore their functionality.

- Launch the app. It opens in Microsoft Excel

- Click the "Switch To OLD Site" button and wait for the process to finish.

- Check the type of uploaded data by clicking on the "Check" button ."

It is enough to opetate the application once to switch to the old site view, If your computer periodically clears the cache data, the Excel cache may be cleared after some time. In this case, your favorite tables will again face problems getting data from the site tipsterarea.com. If this happens, then use this application again to switch the form of your Excel program to the old view of the site display.


IMPORTANT! If you use an antivirus program on your computer, before downloading the application file, it is recommended to register the file in the exceptions of your Antivirus. Or disable your antivirus for the time being while you are using the app. It is highly likely that your antivirus will block the application file as a potentially malicious file. Formally, your Antivirus will be right - he just has to react to files that are unfamiliar to him, despite the fact that there is nothing potentially dangerous for your computer inside the file.

Что нового в версии _01_2022   Просмотр изменений


Expiration date extended to January 30 2022

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