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  1. b1x2


    What OS you use? I have windows 7 and office 2010
  2. b1x2


    Same thing for me. Empty table.
  3. On which leagues you tested program? Ehat kind of games you used? Under over 2,5? Both teams to score?
  4. If someone can help me to understand algorithm of this program i can make excel program, which is easier to use. Now on this original program you must enter a lot of data, but on excel you just can copy/paste dana in several seconds
  5. b1x2

    GolPlyus Turbo Tennis

    i was in the area with slow internet, and on mobie phone, that is the reason why i asked you
  6. I am looling if someone can help to resolve the algorithm of that calculator, to convert it to semi automated excel spreadsheet
  7. http://info-sportsbet.ucoz.com/load/zx16_v2_programma_dlja_prognozirovanija_futbolnykh_sobytij/1-1-0-1
  8. Apologize for writting in English. Anyone used Zx16 program?
  9. b1x2

    GolPlyus Turbo Tennis

    2500 roubles. How much it is in USD or EUR?
  10. b1x2

    GolPlyus Turbo Tennis

    Great website and good program. Little offtopic, maybe smoe program for basketball?
  11. b1x2

    GolPlyus Turbo Tennis

    you have any simila program?
  12. b1x2

    GolPlyus Turbo Tennis

    With Hotspod Shield VPN
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